Kanye, like the President and most rap artists are narcissists always looking for their supply. They need attention to thrive. But what followers of narcs don’t know is that they don’t care about anyone but themselves. They have no empathy. Expecting (and believing) anything less than what you see is absolutely stupid. Shame on us for following him. Kanye is a mentally ill and the only person who could control him was him mom. She was the keeper of his secret. Once she died, he had no one to keep in check, and he unleashed now into the world to his own devices much like any other mentally ill person in America, except he has money so he’s not homeless or on the streets.

Yes he has a wife, but like most people unfamiliar with mental illness, she had no idea what she was getting into. She thought she was getting a meal ticket and a boost to her reality tv life, what she got is someone who is someone who is unstable, someone who refuses care, and like us… she got discovered she really didn’t know the guy. People like Trump and Kanye have a knack for hiding who they truly are until the mental-illness prevents them from hiding it anymore.

Kanye won’t stop. Neither will Trump. You have to stop feeding them with your attention. Even talking about him negatively feeds his soul. If you don’t understand malignant narcissists. ..you should read up on it. Then you should look away, walk away and never come back!

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