Kap is young. I have given up on looking to him to hone and refine his messaging. He worked hard to make it to the league and that thing is something he is going to have to satisfy in his soul. It’s a loss we will have to suck up and take like a good sportsman. It’s very hard to find young socially conscious people today that do more than talk it.

Kap didn’t ask us to follow him. We just did what we do when folks stand up for us. We stand with and guard. We helped him make it through his next phase of life.

I hope one day he will remember us and return the favor. Sometimes that’s just how life works. Still happy for him though. He stood for something, against the nation’s biggest bully -in- chief — and he won! I’m happy for that. His win is our win. I am going to leave it there.

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