Karen is the rightful name for childish WW who weren’t taught any manners and think they own the world. Trust, if we called her derogatory names she’d know (lol). They are always so extra, doing too much. That’s their M.O. and I am so happy attention is being shed on their attention. They need to stop being Karens, and stop making Karens. We ALL are sick of them. They are everywhere, meddling in everything, ruining everyone’s day…every day. If they minded their business and stopped policing Black bodies we’d keep them out of our mouths.

Since they can’t, we can’t.

Everyone needs to know about Karen. She’s the menace to society we don’t talk about enough. I refuse to allow racists to dictate to me what is and what is not racist. Karen can STFDASTFU and far as I’m concerned. I’m for her and her sisters. This is the business they don’t want. Thank you for explaining what their real ailments are.

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