Ken, I’m going to assume you are non-Black due to the numerous questions that absolutely don’t matter to most Black people. You’re assuming that we’ve always been fairly represented, be able to freely take part in the democratic process, and the playing field has always been equal in politics. It has not. We want what is going to hurt us the least. And we know White people are incapable of doing this, even to their own detriment.

Young voters haven’t lived long enough to see the truth America, and clearly they haven’t read history books that will bring home no one even does what they say they will do for us nationally. I just want to rid of Trump because he’s terrible. He’s physically harming people, which eventually will reach me and my family once the focus is harming Blacks. Everyone else can play the games and act as if the world isn’t on fire if you like. I don’t have time for that. I know White people, and their hate for others (and themselves) is stronger than any argument you can make.

They don’t think in terms of equity, and that’s the problem. All the questions you are asking me, ask White people. They got us into this pickle.

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