Liberal White people got to decide what pronouns we must use, without so much as having a conversation with other communities to determine if we were even cool with it, or if it’s even desired. Then it seems as though it’s changing so much we can’t keep up with it. Pronouns, genders, and sexualities change/update as fast as the new Iphone products. When we disagree because of cultural, religious or societal norms, we’re persecuted. Those pronoun labels remind me of the cry of the religious right and their “persecution” for trying to mix church and state. At the end of the day, everyone is exerting their White power and privilege, forcing us to conform, assimilate, or punished/silenced.

It’s almost as if these two White groups are having a family fight and the rest of us are forced to join in.

White people have always given the rest of us our pronouns, names and titles. They even get to determine what race the rest of us are. I hate all of it actually. It is a privilege they shouldn’t have. One they definitely don’t deserve. I will be glad when this labeling trend ends.

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