Lol, I am all down for conservative friends. Variety is the spice for life. I would even say I have some conservative view points. I have friends who are conservative. My issue is with the bias that came through in describing the Black candidate. The White candidate reeks privilege, power, and status, while the Black candidate is described as a man lucky to get an invite to the party. None of the writers are Black (I checked). One is Asian, which tends to assimilate and side with the privileged, so I’d put her in the same category as the two White writers who also worked on the piece.

In any event, the slant is obvious and if this is the kind of bias we have to look forward to heading into November, then we must be diligent in filtering and calling out biases. We, the readership, just need facts (minus personal political persuasions with a side of bias), it doesn’t matter whether the candidate is conservative or liberal (or whatever label people like to call themselves). Just tell the story for both candidates equally, and fairly. Let us decide which one is best for us.

The media has a history of portraying Blacks and Hispanics poorly, putting fear and thoughts of inferiority in the minds of White readers. The descriptions the writers wrote speak for themselves.

Inspect the writers LaMar Going:

Elizabeth Koh:

Emily Mahoney:

David Smiley:

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