LOL! My kids would tell me this too. I know they learned it from me, but I also remember teaching my sons about code-switching although back in the old days we just said “talkin like White people,” so they knew exactly what I was referring to. They are all grown up now, but they’d get home and give me hell about it. It’s a necessary lifeskill to get shit done in America sadly. There are so many things I hate this country for, but making us code-switch when so many other people do not pisses me off to the highest pisstivity no doubt.

I wish I could put a this too shall pass on it, but I know it would be a lie. Please keep us posted on your journey. I am finding my self laughing my butt off thinking of your colleagues faces when you don’t switch anymore.

I write intelligent, unvarnished thoughts on anti-Blackness, racism, politics, Black people, and White Supremacy. White Fragility🚫|

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