Look at you Ms. Mary thinking like a good, unselfish White person. Sadly, too many White people don’t believe in what you said, and even if they do, they don’t take action in tangible ways to make it so.

When we’re all good, we’re all good is a great philosophy to have. It’s what I use and it helps me stay grounded. Some groups need more help than others and I understand this. Sometimes we must sacrifice for those groups so that they will have better. I gain something from knowing my neighbors are cared for, safe, their kids are feed, and they can sustain themselves without my interventions or resources. If more White folks would think like you do and act to make it happen, we wouldn’t be in this predicament we’re in today.

The truth is in our national reality, and the truth is there are more White people who don’t believe everyone should be better. I’m relying on good White people to convince the ignorant and selfish White people otherwise.

Too many White people think in zero-sum terms which stems from our capitalistic society and our political realities. We have the power to change that, but we all gotta sacrifice. Too many White people don’t want to be uncomfortable. If wearing a mask and living with less is a problem imagine what how they’d react to sacrificing for the betterment of mankind? We are a selfish nation and the entire world is seeing it.

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