Loved, love, love this John. This is exactly what it feels like arguing with White people about whether or not their behavior is racist or not. I just wrote a piece about why White people should not be able to make such decisions because they are incapable of checking their biases, recognizing racial discrimination or harassment, or seeing color (their favorite thing to say).

If White people cannot feel smell, see, taste, hear, or recognize racism in any way, how is it they can rule, judge, or decide any case regarding White people and racism? They can’t.

Furthermore, I (a victims) can’t convince White people of my injuries from racism at the hands of Whites. I must defer to you (a White person) so you can convince White people about my pain, injuries, or trauma. White people only listen to White people about White people engaging in racism. I don’t try to convince White people about racist behavior anymore. If they want to see the truth, they will. Most times, they don’t. Either way, it reveals something to us about them. We know White people better than they know themselves. We’ve been a 400-year domestic violence relationship. I know my abusers.

As you can see from the comments, White people don’t even understand the privilege of being an asshole is a White privilege. We can’t jog, work, shop, attend school, swim, or live in a lily White Suburb. They get the privilege to be anything they want to be, including rude, racist, or fear. We cannot.

I just let White folks expose themselves. The problem is, when they are exposed, their are rarely consequences. It’s a lose-lose for us. It’s always a win for them, which is why they love to debate their behavior. I can’t with them anymore. The last four years have really shown me some things about White people. It’s made me acutely aware how many willfully ignorant White people there are among us. It’s also shown me they love themselves to death, literally. We need therapy from dealing with White folks. Seriously. Thanks for your thoughtful comment. You know your people lol, and I’m here for it.

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