Loved this. White people have always misused the military, involving them in their sick need to show force to intimidate us.

White people are the weakest links in America. They start shit, but can't finish the shit they started. I loved the photos for this piece. When they talk about the military, it's as if the military is all White and they are the only ones who serve. White people have really used the military and police as their personal freedom protections since the beginning. I don't know if they realize how their proximity to slavery plays a role in the way they think. The only thing that is disrespectful to our veterans are the fights morally bankrupt White people get us into.

They start all the fights, at home and abroad.

Black and Brown people overrepresent in every way for this country when it comes to serving and this country still doesn't love us. Half of the men and a few of the women in my family have served this country, and they still aren't free after they served this ungrateful country. We've never had a democracy.

This obsession with our freedom is rooted in slavery, and compromising will not fix this problem. America needs to go to war with itself.

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