Man. This is exactly what is happening in my family now. Division and more dysfunction. My grandma left a will, but left her affairs messy and unfinished for my dad (the executor of her will) to clean up. Guess who in turn gets nothing but the honor of helping him clean up her mess?


My grandma’s funeral wasn’t sad. There was no emotion. My father called the police on his sisters. His sisters refused to allow my dad aid in planning his mom’s funeral. They were stealing stuff from her home without adhering to her final wishes…and the family had the AUDACITY to include me in funeral proceedings to carry flowers — I just don’t know what is wrong with people!

Thank you for your support and sharing your story. This has been one helluva experience for me. I find peace in knowing so many people live in similar dysfunction and are forced to make friends their family because family isn’t up to the task. We must find a way to live. I’m going to write about my experience dealing with the side effects of her death. I’m finding far too many people live like this and we have no voice.

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