Man, what an amazing word to wake up to my brother! I feel inspired. It really is a self-awareness and awareness of our surroundings. I’m committed to educating, uncovering, highlighting, showcasing, and chastising any and all people who get in the way of Black progress, including our own folks. I’ve met so many thoughtful and thought-provoking writers here on Medium in the year since I landed here. It’s food for my soul.

I’ve spent years with these things pinned up inside of me because we don’t have a place to speak truth to power without repercussions. Medium has provided that platform and for that I’m so thankful.

It’s advice like this that keeps many of us going. Some days we get tired. Sometimes we get frustrated, and some days I want to give up. But words like these keep me going and make fighting worth my while. Thanks for the pep talks, check ups, and education Interculturalisticman. They are water in the desert for me. I love my Black writers, because I know how hard it is for us to be seen or heard.

Now, going to do some research on the knowledge you just dropped. There is nothing like inspiration.

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