Man, you have never lied! All the things I’m thinking about to myself. No, we Black folks know this is some bullshit! What do we elect Congressional Representatives for if they want us to save ourselves and vote out bad people the Constitution says they should be keeping in check?

They want us to do their fucking jobs in 2-years while they make $200,000 annually, campaigning nearly half of their terms. We are literally being asked to save ourselves because they’ve decided to make their jobs (upholding the constitution) conditional and political.

All I have to say is Black folks better start buying weapons like Black folks and be prepared to protect their homes when all hell breaks loose, because it’s coming. Trump and his cronies keep winning, and White men on both sides are enabling him. And those who aren’t crooks and covertly down for White Supremacy, they are overtly pussies and afraid to stand up to White men who are doing wrong. These corrupt useless men and women are for corrupt systems, an inept law enforcement, and a fractured intelligence community. We are a kleptocracy indeed. We are the United States of Russia. We are in the 5–6th stages of outright fascism. Sadly, White apathy continues to put this nation in danger.

Guess they’ll be happy when our military is marching down Pennsylvania Avenue chanting the Jews and Niggers will not replace us, and Trump starts taking their rights.

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