Maybe these types of White people I’m describing have a hard time trusting because THEY KNOW they’ve done so many things to harm Black people and other people of color either with their words and/or actions, directly and/or indirectly, they fear retribution.

It’s like a criminal who spends his or her entrie life committing crimes, dodging the police and the law. They never know when the day is coming that they’ll have to pay for the wrongs they’ve committed, and as long they oppress, hurt, and incite fear in the people they rule over, they can prevent that from happening.

Bad people are always scared.

If I was White, I’d be scared and untrustful too, but not for any of the reasons you noted. White people need to face their fears and deal with their trust issues. Don’t project onto us.

If you don’t like my rants, PLEASE block me. Don’t waste time writing an essay about how you disagree with everything I wrote, because all you’ve done is validate many of my points. You don’t have to agree, heck you don’t have to agree, but you don’t get to speak for me.

I thank you for validating my point.

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