It’s too late to be proud sister. She may as well gone over into the pile with Kanye, Chrisette Michelle, Tina Campbell (of Mary Mary) Omarossa, Pastor Darrell Scott, Ben Carson and the likes. Everything Trump touches dies. I hope those good Evangelicals take care of her. I don’t know what in the hell is wrong with some of these Black people forsaken their Blackness. And for being “Pro-life.”

Black people wouldn’t even care about abortion if it wasn’t for the evangelical movement (Who have been segregated for decades by the way along with Southern Baptist Christian Leadership). Keep the kid alive and toss it in foster care, under-fund it by not wanting to pay taxes/donate, then forget about the kids in care until they go to juvi or jail until the age out. Churches won’t even fund foster kid issues (Black and Hispanic kids make up the majority of kids in care), but they will fund certain “Christian” adoption agencies…which are for White kids. I can slay all day with the hypocrisy, but I won’t. The bottom line is yet again, they have been made out of asses under the dark guises of religion.

This kind of ignorance is deadly these days. It’s time out for Black people being so foolish. These people don’t care about them, they are just the conduits for the controlling of Black minds and the modification of Black behavior (keep them from rising up). If they would read and study history, just study the origin of everything we do as a culture…it’s mind blowing!

It’s like Black folks are the Walking Dead! Smh

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