Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and helping us understand the other side of what racism looks like. We often wonder how White people are able to be apathetic or indifferent when they see us suffering and trying to maintain.

I want to use my platform to connect in ways that can help people understand the nuances of racism that are taboo to talk about, meaningful engagement. We throw racism around, but it looks different to many of us. On the other hand, some people have no idea of what racism looks or feels like. They've never given it a second thought. They believe because they don't wear Klan robes or wear the Confederate Flag so they believe they've passed the racist smell test.

i'm writing to change the way we talk about racism and to change minds/hearts. No one solves problems by only being angry, in fact it makes things worse most times. We must talk. We must fight together. We must share experiences and ideas. We must be able to express our feelings and atone when necessary. We must love each other and have a mutual respect for one another.

We are family. We are one race, the human race. We need to call out the people who work tirelessly to uphold White Supremacy and contain bad actors who live to make life harder for people because they hate their skin tones. The world is watching to see whether White people will allow America to sink because they love Whiteness more than they love the country. By being here, you're helping to keep America afloat, and I thank you. I need you to survive, and you need me to survive. Thank you for being willing to learn so you can help fight. We need all the fighters we can get! Hang in there, and be strong. We're in this together.

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