Misogyny is a whole other area I didn’t go into, but it’s dangerous and rooted in global patriarchy systems. Women are fighting all the time, and expected to do it as if we’re energizer bunnies. Women of color are policed, abused, neglected and harmed by the men within our cultural, religious and ethnic groups proclaiming to protect us, then harmed when we try to go outside of these groups to find “our place” and safety we are greeted by more patriarchy , misogyny in addition to feminism, racism, and discrimination. I love that you make this point. Women and girls of Color are the least respected people on earth in my opinion.

We don’t talk enough about how our own people harm us as if it’s some dirty little secret. Women of Color experience the same policing, abuses, patriarchy, and oppression inside of our ethnic and religious groups we experience outside of them. There is freedom in divorcing what you can and choosing fights wisely. People will tell me I need to do more, but I don’t buy into it. Do what’s right for you I say. Thanks so much for reading.

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