My Black liberation is a state of mind. A peace that no matter what happens, I cannot rely on White people in a White system to do the right thing. Black liberation is about getting with people who are link-minded to survive and endure the on coming tragedy.

I know what America needs. Everything you’re telling me needs to be told to the people who have created this mess, and that’s White people. White people need to do. They have the power. Unlike us they have a choice to do right or stay wrong. I may not be able to fully divorce the system, I can stop hoping. I can stop believing. I can stop trusting. People can’t even admit they are racist and act racistly let alone form a coalition to share power. I can finally believe what I see and I’m at peace with it. We don’t have time for more hope. If global trends are any indication of what’s coming, it’s fascism.

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