My burden is Whiteness, and people like you who will completely ignore your racism to scapegoat the Black people, men, and probably other racial minorities in other ways.

You cherry picked that one thing you do because you’re insecure, because you’re afraid, because you’re the only one (a White woman) to have fear, but place your burden of being afraid on me. If anything your point shows men and minorities we should be afraid of all White women, because you’re afraid of us for just being, and because of that fear you’ll do anything to make sure your comfort is centered (i.e calling cops, crossing streets, asking for the manager, etc.).

What you did in this offensive moment was a White Supremacy move ma’am.

Thank you for recentering your Whiteness, ignoring the content of my piece about the insulting things White people do, and validating a few of my numerous points.

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