My kids never experienced anything like this. My partner’s kids come home and talk about the active shooter drills (we’re a few miles away from Oakland Park/Parkland). It’s a pretty affluent community where kids aren’t accustomed to stuff like that and it shows. They are jittery. They ask LOTS of questions. Their mom is a police so she’s tried to teach them about what to do in the event of a shooting, but being raised privileged makes it hard. They tell stories of kids not taking it seriously, kids screaming and talking when they should be silent. The kids don’t even take it seriously often times.

And they shouldn’t have to. Kids shouldn’t be doing active shooter drills like they are in a war. They should be doing kid stuff. Americans don’t even care about the trauma these kids, even non-victims, are going through. We are going to have a super fragile, mentally-ill generation in 20–30 years we’re not equipped to care for if we don’t do something soon. This nation is so screwed up. Maybe it should implode. The day you stop caring for your young and your old, the two most vulnerable populations, your nation has gone to shit.

Great essay my friend. I feel the passion, but I have no answer except ask God to come smite DC and the NRA. Other than that, I see no change occurring.

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