My college major was business — I do contract work for the government, and I also consult with the public sector so I follow Umair Haque because he speaks volumes about the state of the US economy. From small rural communities, to capitalism, to the state of our economy, his predictions are blunt and accurate.

I don’t know if you realize this Ernie, but anytime I write about race, you counter with something someone else did of another race, shifting the focus from the original topic and scapegoating someone else who has nothing to do with the discussion.

Do you realize that White/Anglo/European people of ravaged many nations around the globe for centuries?Have you ever stopped to think how many Brown people and Brown nations England/Great Britain destroyed with absolutely no retaliation and no remorse? Do you understand the depths of murder and devastation nations have suffered at the hands of your nation? I’m sure you haven’t because you have the privilege of not thinking about it. It’s never impacted you in anyway. In fact, your civilization exists and has untold wealth at the expense of the very people White men hate.

Put the shoe on the other foot. If Brown (like Syrians, Nigerians, Jamaicans, Haitians, Palestinians) people continually bombed where you live, robbed you of any ability to have a normal life, raped your country of all the natural resources it had so the nation was no longer to sustain itself, had war on top of war for decades/centuries. What if someone forced you to forsake your culture, the way you talk, and your religion, then punished you when you rebelled? What if the history of your nation and your ethnic group was fine until it came in contact with some outside criminal military? Wouldn’t you be tired? After a few generations of watching people punish you for no good reason wouldn’t you begin to hate, rage, and rebel?

What White people fail to see is when they make the whataboutitis comparisons is they fail to see the history of their behavior. Yes, there are people within American ranks of all ethnic groups who do bad things, but the thing is we remember what the Brown people do and tend to gloss over or deflect what the White/Anglo/European.

You don’t have to take ownership of the bad person. You can disown them if you like, but acknowledge there are terrible among you. Admit to the terrible things White Supremacy did to people across the globe. Remember how Whiteness robbed people of any kind of future, robbed them to death, and basically made them beggars reliant upon foreign aid and government interventions.

The very people Whiteness hates are the very people the helped create. Whiteness has to own that, then fix it. Don’t deflect…correct. And not only correct, call out the duds. I have called out the worst in my race. I don’t mind — I’m all about trying to make society in general better. But you can’t ask me to do what you won’t do. We must be fair and balanced with our observations, and we must not only look at the root of every societal problem, but we need to work collectively to solve them.

Back and forth helps no one.

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