My partner is retired federal law enforcement and I give her the same grief. She is Black and has stories about things cops of all colors have said or done to people of color as well as how people of color are viewed/treated compared to how Whites are viewed/treated when they come in contact with us.

They are taught to mistrust us from the academy, and that our communities are suspect. How do you give a reprieve to cops when we already know there histories?

If you see wrong and you do nothing is not an innocent bystander, it’s an enabler. My issue is that in or out we are always asked to give consideration for the police, when they are always on the winning side of the law.

Lastly, good cops don’t leave if it’s so bad. They stay…and write about how bad it was later. It doesn’t take someone 15 years to realize your work environment or your employer is corrupt. Most people in bad work environments find another job even if it’s a pay cut sometimes and slink away with the a new life lesson. Not cops. They stay. They stay because of the perks, the power, the benefits, and the lack of accountability. If you can’t change a system, leave it. Failing to leave is a bad choice. A regrettable choice in my opinion, but one every cop must make.

I’m not giving any of them any slack. They are biased, and trained to be that way. Their bias kills. My bias protects.

Why must we see and change when it’s police force after police force around the nation who have violated that trust? It’s like asking a woman to keep taking her boyfriend or husband back who lies, beats her to a bloody pulp, takes her money, and then gaslights her to make her think she’s crazy for stating the very obvious abuse. It’s domestic violence. And your bias causes you to ask of us what you wouldn’t ask of any other domestic violence survivor.

I am sorry but I must politely disagree with your conclusion that the group without power must have consideration for the offender in this long-term abusive relationship.

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