My point is that rich White men or any White men in general who look acceptable to White women do more harm to them than me or a man of color. White men aren’t seen as a threat like I am or a Black man. If White women have issues with men — it’s more likely than not they’d have issues, confrontations, brushes with White men, not Black men and certainly not Black women.

You note if we look at the stats (which btw you failed to present so I’m going to do it for you).

By gender: Men commit more violent offenses than any other gender according to the 2017 FBI Uniform Crime Report (UCR). This data set is for all violent crimes committed in the U.S.

According to the FBI’s crime statistics WHITE MEN commit more sexual assaults tracked by the Department of Justice in America than any other ethnic group. My statement about a White woman’s biggest threat anywhere is a White man (wealthy or otherwise) is not a joke, it’s truth. It doesn’t matter if she’s in a relationship with him or not, White men are the real threat. This only applies to the recorded offenses. Who knows how many casual encounters and intimate partner violence incidents that aren’t reported?

By offense: FBI’s 2017 Uniform Crime Report breakdown of offender’s race vs victim’s race. The offense reviewed here is rape.

Now, I may have no clue about the socioeconomic statuses of all these White men, but I can guarantee you one thing ma’am, this statistic proves Women of Color are not a threat to Elevator Ellen or any other White woman. Call me racist all you like if you dislike my comments. If you’re offended, that’s your problem. This post is about racism and the White fragility of White women. Your comment helped validate my point.

What Elevator Ellen did to me was racist. We’re talking about her in my essay. What you did with your comment was to defend her honor and tell me instead I’m racist. Not once did you condemn Elevator Ellen for her behavior, which says a lot about you ma’am. You are apart of the problem. You can’t see her racist and sexist actions for condemning my response to hers.

I said it once and I will reiterate it. Elevator Ellen’s worst nightmare is a White man. Rich or poor, well-dressed or poorly dressed.

By race: White people committed the largest percentage of violent crimes in America in 2017 according to the FBI’s uniformed crime report.

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