My problem with Fauci (and why I don't trust him) is he took a hippocratic oath and every time he stood on that stage with Trump or sat off to the side, he violated it. His representation on that team meant he gave legitimacy to the Presidents BS, when he "gently" started pushing back, he wasn't allowed to speak as much. Fauci could have easily said I can't do this and not be a clown in the circus, but he tried (and I'm sure he was worried about his career and life's work being ruined). Not slapping down the President's lies and misinformation left an impression on me that I can't ever forget.

I think he was in a tough spot, but he took an oath and he allowed a powerful racist to kill millions when he could have simply walked away and told us all the truth.They had intel before we did. They knew.

As far as the vaccine and Snopes, you're basically saying the government checked itself and all is well. While I did go to your sources, I still have my own reservations about this particular incident with the vaccine. So much info has been scrubbed from the internet about it which makes me suspicious. I followed this story closely because my ex-husband was a nurse, and none news stories about this from Atlanta can be found.

I'm not saying the Snopes isn't right, I question the government checking the government. It's the same as the police policing themselves.

But anyway, my point is that folks, especially white folks have so much hope and faith in the government. I'm not an anti-vaxxer, just reporting from the field. The fact there was even a dispute about the MMR in the first place for me was problematic. I followed this case for a while and then it just fell of the radar.

Thank you for the vaccine info. I'm going to do a little more research and update this piece. A lot of the sources I found during the time aren't available anymore, which also makes me a tad uneasy. If it's debunked, those stories should be retracted or edits, and they haven't been. I'd like to do more investigating.

Cutting off my nose spite my face is a terrible way to think of the Black community's apprehension of medicine. I'm disappointed you'd think of Black people's autonomy in such a way.

In all things...blame Black people for problems White people create.

Got it.

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