My son is a business major and so is him momma. One thing we both learned about is strategic marketing and segmenting. Propaganda 😂😂😂

I taught my sons about weighing costs when they were in elementary school with Jordans. I taught them how to calculate the true costs to make something, markups, and most importantly vetting needs versus wants. I never shied away from describing us a poor either. I’m a frank momma and I don’t want my kids to live under the stress of flexing for people to look good. They have been taught living simply is less stress and that’s even hard today.

Your lessons are on point. Who wants to be saddled with car debt that depreciates as soon as you get it in the drive way? And why would a sane person buy a new one, when a used one (if you just had to have the overpriced piece of metal) is tbe smarter buy because someone took that hit already. Let’s not talk about the lease farce. Capitalism buddy is a mother!

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