My thoughts are knowing how to use technology and choosing not to use it are two different things. I’m very skeptical of how technology has been weaponized. Every piece of technology tracks us, from our smartphones and internet to our alarm systems, to street cameras. While technology and innovation has made the lives of many people better, it has done a lot of harm, like putting people out of work.

What difference does it make if people have the latest gadgets if we don’t have the money to buy it and use it? I keep looking around and hearing about AI and automation, but who will be able to consume it if only the rich can afford it and the poor is no longer needed to make it because the assembly lines are now computers so people don’t have jobs? How will we be able to take care of our basic needs, let alone buy some fancy gadget? I think being basic has a place today, and I try not to forget the practical things because there is no guarantee that technology will be beneficial to me in my everyday life.

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