My word. I just never knew the Whiteness of my grand parents, parents' era could come back in style with such a vengeance? America has always had a White problem. The problem is White folks don't see themselves as a problem. That's why Black folks can't get relief from racism. What brought it home for me was a little before and right after the impeachment hearings when Trump as like so, idgaf and Nancy Pelosi threw up her hands and said so casually the America people will decide in November as the solution to Trump.

White people have no urgency to do anything about themselves because they aren't ever the intended targets of their racism. White people getting injured by White people is collateral damage.

The Dems are going to lose big time because they'll never admit they too have a racism and a White problem. I'm already prepared for life under Trump. Whiteness cannot see the problem with itself...and that's a problem for us all.

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