Native Americans have already been compensated by America and received a formal apology. In many states they have casinos on their reservations. They have had some of their lands returned and they have all sorts of laws and legislation specifically designed to protect and sustain them. They receive free college, free healthcare, and free housing built/placed on their reservations.

The Holocaust did not happen here. We dont owe Jews anything, but Jews are compensated by Germany. America also spends billions of dollars on Jews annually via social supports and via giving directly to Israel to support Israeli Jews. Jews immigrated here (by choice) after the Holocaust, they weren’t forced to come here on slave ships. Jews also practice anti-Blackness today, even though we all were once forced to live in the same ghettos. They marched in our civil rights battles, but something happened. America allowed them to become White, and they have assimilated into a White Supremacy America and they practice anti-Blackness.

Japanese immigrants (they too came here by choice) were compensated by America for being placed in internment camps. They too practice anti-Black discrimination. Irish and Italians were rewarded by being grandfathered into Whiteness. Where they live, they rule and they have also engaged in discriminatory practices against Blacks. These groups secured plush government jobs in law enforcement, fire and rescue, etc., once they were given their White card, and they make sure they hold a place for the next generation to come through. They practice the same place holding whites do. Studies have been written about how immigrants in these groups have assimilated already. Neither of the two groups were enslaved either. Irish were indentured servants, which is not the same thing as being chattel.

Each group you discuss are seen as White in America, including Asians. Why would they need reparations?

Every other group besides slaves an. Native Indians immigrated to America voluntarily or through refuge resettlement. They often received benefits we did not receive when we were freed (i.e. housing, stipends, food stamps, public assistance). Slaves starved and died after the Emancipation Proclamation was signed thanks to White former slave owners not wanting to hire/pay former slaves living wages they’d pay Whites. Jews, Italians, Cubans, Japanese, etc., did not suffer those fates.

I’m not sure why it’s so difficult for White people to just focus on making whole Black Americans and ADOS (African Descendants of Slaves) without having whataboutits. It’s very insulting, and it’s literally a racist act. Those groups do not consider us when they make petitions to their government. They only petition for their groups (i.e. Jews).

The only two groups who suffered through the stealing and making of America were Native Americans and ADOS. Only one group has never received an apology or reparations, and that’s African Americans. It’s time to stop making excuses for other groups and do what’s right JUST for African Americans. It’s 400 years and counting.

Instead of asking what about other groups, perhaps the bigger question is why is America so anti-Black? Why can’t you and others think of one group at a time? We are not a monolith. We are not the same people. Our plights, experiences, national discrimination and beginnings are different, and America should address us all accordingly ( individually). Please stop trying to make this discussion and compensating easier for Whites. It’s not for them, and for once, it’s not about them.

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