No, I’m not wrong. My perspective is about an American issue, America’s racially segregated education systems, American imperialism and how White Supremacy in the educational system have prevented all of us from learning anything except White Supremacy/ Black inferiority. The darker the people, the less likely we are to learn about their history — no matter where they are unless it’s tied to Christianity.

The mindset is the reason we know a lot about global history, explaining why Americans selectively know more about the Holocaust (a more recent atrocity that didn’t happen here in America) more than know about slavery and Jim Crow (an more distant atrocity did happen here). What difference does it make if the teachers of “real global history” are White supremacist and the teach it in a segregated manner?

It won’t — because we will still get White washed history! And we will continue having leaders that parade around in Blackface, confederate flag suits, and civil war reenactments. While I agree we need to know what’s going on in the world and how it’s connected to us, I believe you need to know about your own world first and foremost, and we’ve never had the entire truth taught to us about America.

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