No you don’t get it. You don’t get racism at all!

People at Gitmo are there because America is a liar, racist, and scary. We bomb and harass Black and Brown countries. We starve their people, destroy their schools, bomb entire communities, kill their children, take away livelihoods in an instant because they don’t want to be like us. We steal their natural resources, then when they get tired and start killing us, we retaliate by discriminating more, racially profiling demoralized men who turned to something similar to barbarian gangs for survival and protection.

We need to talk. Ha. Please!!!!!

Let’s talk about folks who are always enforcing their wills upon others and unwilling to listen to them. Dismissive of their pain and trauma. Unwilling to acknowledge their wrong, they just want folks to be nice to them as they stick knives in your backs as they smile in your face.

America has done so much stuff to other nations globally that folks here have no clue about, all because we believe those people are inferior and we’re exceptional. Guess where that ideology came from? Racism. Is. A. Problem. Man!

So yes, I’m saying what a lot of people wish they could say. I speak for Black people because I’m Black. If you hate my commentary, don’t read it. If you are offended, you were going to be offended anyway. I’m tired of being nice and biting my tongue so White people will “talk" to me. I have had to live my whole fucking life being nice to them, even when they don’t deserve it . I’m almost 50 now. I have more days behind me than in front of me.

So, I don’t care anymore about being “nice.” I care about speaking my truth. It’s mines. Clearly you’re already for me to move on to something else when we haven’t remedied our problems here at home. So move on, to read what makes you feel good. I’m not going to be silent nor will I be intimidated.

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