None of the excuses given by Blacks make any foid, practical sense. No Black persin can tell you how unemployment rates are captured and how it excludes lots of Blacks. Nor do they understand how explicit and implicit biases playba role in Black employment rates which are not tracked. The religious argument given by Black people is as terrible as the White people following Trump because he is a good businessman. One who has filed for bankruptcy several times. Do they not understand the man doesn’t pay his bills and his credit is bad?

And how can Black people looking to big up their profile excuse Trump’s explicit racism and racial preferences?

Neither party is good for Black people, so I understand people siding with the GOP as we only have 2 evils to choose from, but I think this piece should have honed in more on the ignorance or selective biases of Black voters. The Black folks interviewed basically spewed television talking points as rationale for supporting Trump. The interviews do little to uncover the ignorance many Blacks have about how data is tracked, captured, and how public policy/legislation is formed. Hell Trump didn’t even know which is scary.

People need more civics in their lives. We also need to read more history. I don’t mind people supporting the GOP, but not at the expense of my life. Ignorance is dangerous and too many Black people are armed with a lack of knowledge on how politics really works. That ignorance hurts us all because we will never be accepted by those people. We are useful tools for the Master.

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