Not sure how I missed this but I’m glad I found it. I have been thinking about this since my last racism-filled DC trip (essay coming soon).

The language used to write about racism has been for the benefit of whiteness. As always, the terms were softened to make racism and racists comfortable for Whites to continue the practice, and presented to us in a less stinging manner so Blacks and other races will accept “their places" in America’s caste systems.

Your point is perfect. If it’s racial, then it’s racist. Period. Please erase racial and racially from our vocabularies.

The term racial means they see color, not people, or human potential, or equality, or equity and they’ve treat it as inferior, undeserving, and bad. Racial really means different, in a bad way, and is the result of racism created by Americas founding racists, which is and always has been wrong.

Surely we don’t expect the VVhite folks in the media who get to create any image of people they can conjure up to be very specific and explicit when writing about racistly incidents. But I am. Thanks for the lesson on wordsmithing racism. Even allowing VVhite people to select the language used to describe racist atrocities is racist. Why do the culprits of all of our racism problems and misery get the privilege of determining how we describe our racist injuries and then after all that they have the privilege of creating the damned terms we use in an effort to soften the injustices? That’s some deep psychological bullshit.

We need to create the proper methods on how VVhite people and those passing as White describe their racists and racisms and those folks need to ASK of us those negatively impacted by racist labels how to describe injuries, not the other way around.

People have some nerves. Smh, thanks for the enlightening.

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