Nothing surprises me anymore. But what angers me the most about stories like this (and the blackface revelations) is how White men swoop in to tell us we are “overstating facts” and “over-reacting,” and that we need to be more patient, less angry — more forgiving. It’s insensitive and plays right into the overtly racist “Black folks don’t have feelings — they are strong” stereotype or the “White guy deserves a second chance — they made a “youthful” mistake” even though these dudes are 30, 40, 50, and 60-years old.

I’m tired of forgiving because it keeps happening. I’m tired of asking them to do better. I’m tired of asking them to correct their behavior. There is something evil there, generational curses of sorts. They need to resolve their pasts so the world can have a better future. We are suffering too much trauma from these admissions, omissions, lies, and acts of evil.

And people wonder why the life expectancy of Blacks is lower than everyone else. When you are the most hated, unwanted group of people on earth…how does anyone expect our lives to thrive? We’re hunted like animals, oppressed like slaves, hated more than any other thing on earth. People love dogs more than they love Black people!

Black men need to step up and speak out for sure. But as a mother of sons, I feel like I need to speak up for them. I love my kids just like the next person, and I don’t want some angry White man to find any old Black guy to kill because 1.) He feels his life is worthless anyway, and 2.) Because he needs to pay one back and the one who offended him is out of reach.

Neeson is a Black mothers nightmare! He’s the kind of evil we can never prepare our sons for.

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