Number one: I don’t know your gender. Your photo gives no indication as to what your gender may be, nor have I inquired. You made your gender an issue by bringing it up on the other post and this one. Not sure how you keep making my post about you personally, but oh well, to each his/her own.

Secondly, I know other people are oppressed in this country. If your concern is about those others, you should write about them when the spirit hits you. I write about the ones I’m familiar with and in my realm/line of work.

Lastly, if you disagree with everything I write, you probably shouldn’t read my work. I don’t read the work of others to chop it up, nor do I write comments to undermine the writer’s original viewpoint. Every time you complain about something I write, it’s to undermine my original point. Your condescending nice-nasty slights have not gone unnoticed.

My work isn’t for everyone, and if you feel my writing is slighting people you care about or doesn’t represent your views, please find writers you agree with.

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