Oh boy this was terrible in so many ways. First (after my research lol), the young men are stupid and criminals, posting their thefts on social media. That falls under the category of Blacks falling silent when our own people do bad shit, especially when it’s something so sensitive as restaurant service and racism. He needs to have a behind the woodshed moment with these little smart mouth dumb asses!

Secondly. I really do feel you on the fact you’d rather them remedy racist managers allegations on the spot instead of allowing them to linger. There are too many substantiated cases of racists managers than unfounded ones. And yes, the restaurant should have done due process prior to firing the manager. That’s their mistake, not ours. Making knee-jerk reactions to appease Twitter is stupid since tweeting is free and make a bad HR mistake will cost you royally. I do applaud them for taking action initially AND correcting their mistake. Social media makes people so emotional. They lose all common sense in an effort to appease people.

This is one of my pet peeves about social media today, anyone can say anything and screw up someone’s life. The little dude probably has some psychological issues in addition to a diagnosis of lazy ass walking around stealing people’s shit!

Lastly, I feel the guys should be arrested and charged with making false allegations, theft, and sued civilly for ruining the reputation of the manager. Her reputation was ruined, her face put on blast, and life was placed in danger because idiots decided to take advantage of America’s hot bed of racial tension. This is not a game, and every false allegation makes it even more difficult to convince White people we are suffering from discrimination. Treat people well regardless of their race.

This was a complex one Sam. It’s not Black and white. Your assessment was right on target and as usual it’s spot on. Good job!

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