Oh Kay, I’m so sorry I am dealing with something similar. My son works for Wells Fargo in a call center in Charlotte. Two people in his office was diagnosed with Covid-19 two weeks ago with, but the bank didn’t tell the employees. My son learned about it from a newspaper article sent to him by people who didn’t work at the bank.

Supervisors were apparently told weeks ago. They’ve been working from home. The bank didn’t think enough of our young to help them protect themselves. So now, we wait. We are scared. We’re talking about healthcare proxies just in case. I’m stuck here in Florida. He’s in NC. I’m SO scared. He’s alone, and I don’t want him to be alone. He’s my baby, my youngest. My good son. I’m scared Kay and I can’t control or fix this. Your disclosure feels like a close family member is sick. Thank you for sharing.

I hate every irresponsible person who voted for the inept, orange, lying monkey who has placed our children, our parents, siblings, the elderly, and millions of innocent Americans in harm’s way. I’ll never forget America chose a fucking bankrupt game show host to run a country.

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