Oh my goodness this is FANTASTIC. It’s exactly what I’ve tried to express without being so direct (most times). It is impossible to achieve equality within the existing systems and structures America has to offer because it requires us to change when we have never been the problem. This current system is indeed violent, as it rewards those at the top without acknowledging the cut throat tactics we are forced to use to achieve a top dog status in our classes. In any system, we all are either predators or the prey, and that’s no way to achieve equality.

I don’t see us achieving equality because there are too many people vested in colonialism and White Supremacy. It’s so complex and easy, besides, when we resist and rebel, trouble follows. The poor are, victims of White Supremacy are, and certainly White Supremacists and neo-liberals are all vested in the very thing created to keep everyone except White men oppressed and unequal. I agree with you, Blacks and Native Americans must do a better job of explaining what our expectations of equality and equity.

Until people learn how to deconstruct systems, we’re going to hobble forward slowly, taking frequent steps backwards. Thank you so much for reading and providing such a hearty follow up as to why equality is slipping away.

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