Oh no!🤣 I’m too imperfectly perfect for politics. I cuss, I drink, I’m gay, a divorcee, a victim of too much stuff, I know too much, I have low tolerance for bullshit, and I’m have a can-do/by-any-means necessary attitude. I’m not a traditionalist, and I don’t believe in God anymore. Pretty much cancels me out, and I’m fine with that. It seems people in politics aren’t genuine anyway. They all for the most part seem to be con-artists. Polished liars. Propagandists. I wanna use my knowledge, skills, and abilities for good and not evil. Politics is bad. Our systems are unfair. Governance is good, but as you can see from my list above, my imperfections prevent me from doing any good in politics — and I ain’t mad one bit about it.

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