Oh the media and pundits are DEFINITELY profiting. On August 4, 1987, the Reagan-era Federal Communications Commission voted to repeal the Fairness Doctrine, the sound policy that preserved a diversity of viewpoints in American broadcast media. Reagan (a Republican) was friends with Rupert Murdoch who helped him get into (and stay in) office. Fox News was born because of repealing of the Fairness Doctrine. In 2012, and amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) included language that would legalize the use of propaganda on the American public. Obama was the President at the time and he signed off on that bullshit. If you connect the dots, you’ll see why there’s always an urgency to keep someone at the State Department and other key federal agencies (i.e. the Pentagon). You’ll also see both parties are responsible for the misinformation of Americans. Dems signed off on this in order for it to get Obama’s desk. They should not get a pass and we should not forget!

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