Oh yes indeed Allison. We're in for a rocky next 4 years. We pay for their success locally. That's where White rage exacts their injustices. Indeed racism makes people delusional, but these type of people are not average/normal. They are like zombies. They act as if they have mental disorders, like animals who have been inbred. And we're just allowing them to sashay around the country like they are right (lol).

The South was never properly punished for the secession, and White people believe this is an appropriate behavior. Until White people are punished, Whitelashes will continue.

I feel like we're going to have to fight these people. It's like, being bullied and coming home and telling your parents about it. They finally tell you to fight them everyday until you win. At least that's what my parents said. I did it with my kids too. White people don't stop fucking with you until you kick their asses. America needs to give them what they've been dying for so they can get back in order and we can live in peace again because they aren't going away if we don't.

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