Oh yes. Oh yes. Oh yes. Every one of these grumpy White men in the administration were either fired or relieved of their duty in the Obama administration. Petraeus, Mike Flynn, Robert Gates, General McChrystal. You hit the nail on the head. White men had an issue with being led by a Black man. They were insubordinate and Obama basically fucked up their careers unceremoniously.

They aren’t fooling anyone except those with short memories and those who don’t follow politics. That’s why they all flock to Trump, and that’s why they all will fall on the swords (again), this time at this hands of their racist White brethren. Obama is laughing all the way to the bank, and they are still out here being bitter Billys trying to discredit and undo any and everything he’s done for their own personal gratification, even if it destroys America. They make us look foolish, and the world can see the night and day difference between the leadership of Obama Trump. They dishonor us with their betrayal and racism.

The emperor has no clothes. Neither does his generals lol.

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