Oh yes that’s a good one. I’ll never forget I was listening to the radio one morning going fishing and that lady from Shark Tank (Barbara Coccoran, the real estate woman) was talking about “mixed housing” developments somewhere out West. Her words were basically, if you try to make affordable housing in “nice neighborhoods” it ruins it. She was very nasty and condescending about it.

“Up and coming” never has anything to do with communities of color. It’s another form of code langauge used to disguise racism and theft of communities. It’s a vicious cycle. First, they segregate you into a community, then when they’ve over developed where their lines meet ours, they find all sorts of ways to buy out, condemn, and label our communities, tell their buddies to buy them up, and redevelop them for Whites (gentrification). Gentrification and segregation go hand in hand.

Gentrification is the come up of segregation. Makes me angry every time I see it happening, especially in Miami.

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