Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Thank you John. I had never heard of this before.

Well sir, you taught me new terminology for something I’ve experienced already. Depending on how it’s done I could miss that (rarely online though it becomes pretty obvious based on the topic being discussed). It’s gaslighting 🤣. I have it happen more on Twitter than I do here on Medium.

But you’re right, only Whites/Europeans/Anglos/ concern troll trying to either persuade me that my thing didn’t happen, I am misguided, excuse said behavior, question my intellect, and/or tell me there is no hope for White people while half-heartedly offering allyship all in one sitting. I don’t see that as allyship if you’re associated with the group doing the harm. It’s just a different type of harm. It’s like a kid trying to become something and the parent just ignores him or her, belittles, discourages, impedes, in a kind but stern way.

It feels psychological warfare sometimes living among White people, I swear John 😂😂. Do you have any idea where this comes from? Is it out of genuine fear and concern for us, or is it really rooted in some sort of fear and retaliation?

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