Ole CoonYeezy does it again! He needs to be institutionalized. He has mental health issues. He hasn’t been right since his mother died. I’m not giving him a pass for putting Black Lives in jeopardy behind a jobs bill, when the jobs he’s referring to aren’t going to be created by him. How many manufacturing jobs does CoonYe make in the U.S.? Does he even produce his products here in the U.S.?

I know he has mental health issues, so I’m trying very hard to disregard his mouth and behavior. But when the foolish coon puts my life at risk (he’s wealthy and I’m not) for the sake of the 1% and to impress his Armenian/Dutch family ties I gotta raise up and speak out. This man is an enemy and should be treated like all the coons in this administration, those White women who voted for Trump, and Omarossa.

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