OMG This cracks me up. You are hilarious. The things we must endure to be in an interracial relataionship. You are a good woman. I swear I just don't have the patience for that nonsense. And while I know we have to pick and choose our battles when dating and in marriages, that racism I think would take me on to glory or have me in the pokies for killing somebody's racist mama (lol).

We always have to be better than them, at everything, even when they aren't shit they make us prove ourselves. I would never treat my bonus grandkids like that.

But now I'm going to get them more often and do even betterer granny stuff to piss White grandma off.

She may never recant her racist words, but her granddaughter is gonna know she's a liar lol.

Thanks so much for sharing your story. I'm gonna try to be a better mother-in law, by lord it's hard lol.

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