Only a person who lives free and has never suffered or experienced life altering oppression would have such thoughts. You sound privileged.

Here is America, how many slaves died trying to get free? How many uprisings did we have before someone finally figured out slaves wanted freedom.

How many beatings, jailings, hangings, killings,and mutilations did black people endure so that me and my children could eat in restaurants with Whites, use the same bathroom, have their kids educated, to have kids in the same hospitals as Whites, to work the same jobs as Whites, and to vote and have a say in how we are governed like Whites?

If people didn’t fight and die fighting against those kinds of oppressions for our basic civil rights in America, I wouldn’t have the freedoms and some of the liberties I have today. We even had to fight our own state, local, and federal governments to be treated equally and somewhat justly in America. My grandmother was a White family’s maid in the 40’s and 50’s. She told stories about how when they didn’t have anymore work for her they would make her go outside and scrub bricks with men to keep her from going home early.

My grandmother fought so I wouldn’t be forced to be someone’s maid. She returned to school in her 60s to become a nurse. She couldn’t to that in the 30s and 40s when most White folks her age were completing college. She fought and some died so the next generation could reap the benefits.

For free and non-oppressed people, fighting is never a good thing. For others, it’s par for the course. Nothing changes without fighting and bloodshed.

For oppressed people, shedding blood and even dying for fleeting freedom, liberty, social, and economic justice is just something the world requires of certain groups of people. There will always be evil people working to starve, rob, enslave, and oppress people, and there will always be people fighting against (and dying for liberty and freedom.

I am a little saddened reading your response to war, but if you’re privileged I do understand the reasons for your line of thinking. Some people in the world, myself included, don’t have that luxury. Some of us must fight, and some of us will die so that others will have better lives. These special people will always believe freedom and equality are worth dying for. I do too, and if I must die to save some, I would. It’s the least I could do to repay the favor.

Those are my thoughts.

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