Oprah is a negro whisperer for White Supremacy, and for it, she was rewarded dearly. She helped build powerful racist White men who got rich because she helped them create their faux images while covering their bullshit. Oprah helped to create reality tv the way her shows were set up. The spinoffs were the same.

I never liked her for two reasons. She loved and pandered to White gazes and she enjoyed not being Black. I think what changed things for me was her opening that girls school in Africa. She did the most Whitest of White things she could have done, and that’s get some poor African kids to boost her savior power. She skipped over an entire system of unwanted Black foster kids and disadvantaged kids to care for kids on another continent? I haven’t fucked with her since. And when the sex abuse scandal hit at her school, the way it was handled was horrible. She did the exact same thing, hid it, pretended she didn’t know. She knew there was a problem. Her proximity to White Supremacy made it all possible. Oprah is an overseer. She tears down Blacks and has torn down Blacks for the mighty White gaze while participating in every benefit White Supremacy offers those who sells themselves to the devil.

May she reap all the deceit and deception she doled out with the same level of support she offered Monique.

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