Our politicians never listen to anyone. They just play chess with themselves. We are spectators and playing for us is their sport. Those men didn’t listen to Anita Hill, nor did they ever listen to any of Bill Clinton’s accusers. No has listened to Trump’s accusers, nor did they listen to the accusations of JFK’s womanizing despite being married. This mess is old. Biblical old. Patriarchy is well rooted in our culture, I believe the religion keeps us in bondage.

Kavanaugh will be confirmed, the investigation is a sham. It’s nothing more than a pacifier for the GOP base. Anita Hill is right, nothing in America has changed, nor will it. The boys will be boys, and they will always make sure they maintain their power and privilege. This is just an in your face demonstration.

Women can talk, we can march, we can rally, and we can vote. We can do me too, and times up, nada papi! Nothing will change in America until it collapses to the ground. Since I’m at the bottom, I won’t have far to fall. Until then, I’m just watching and shaking my head. I just can’t even anymore.

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