Parkland, FL Students, Parents Grieve the 1-Year Anniversary of Shooting

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A White Domestic Terrorist Killed A Legal Immigrant

There was a story last week that blows up the wall lie that’s not being talked about enough. It’s the lie illegals are coming here harming White people.

Constituents Check Our Lying Representative Live

To add insult to injury, our GOP Congressional Representative Gaetz (R-FL) attempts to lie to parents attending a committee meeting hearing on gun violence a week or so ago, promoting lying Trump’s wall as a method to prevent more school shootings from happening across America. In the video, you can see how the Trump ally is saying just what his cult leader instructed him to.

The Stats Don’t Lie

Our elected polished liars have slickly meshed violent criminal crimes and illegal immigration into one issue, when the two crimes are totally different, captured by different agencies (Homeland Security and the FBI) and counted using two-three different methods to come up with the national total. The stats don’t lie and are usually the same stats used to inform policy. This administration just pulls numbers out of their asses. The stats don’t lie.

Where Is The Wall For Bad White Criminals Killing Us?

The wall stopping illegal immigrants, job losses, and gun violence argument just went right out of the window. It’s a lie. Our own government is lying to us and our own mass media helps to promote the lie. We should all be afraid.

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