Pelosi has nothing to lose from maintaining her position. Even with threats, her life is not in danger because she has security. She’s not a person of color so again, her life is not in danger. She’s not going to stop the business of Congressional self-dealing in the meantime. And, she’s been in office for 1,000 years, clearly the people in her district aren’t tired of her style of leadership, so her seat is safe. Her White apathy is typical and expected. And even if she believes she is playing a chess game with Trump and his supporters, lives are at stake. One life taken due to her inaction or unwillingness to act is one too many.

Again, she doesn’t even give this at thought. It’s a privilege many of us don’t have.

Pelosi gives no fucks about the rest of us living under duress because of this racist, buffoon tyrant residing in the White House. I have no confidence in our government. As a matter of fact, Pelosi highlights exactly what is wrong with America and why it will never change. They selectively apply the law, selectively decides who must obey it, and it seems acting to protect the flawed Constitution is based on politics, not America, which is a little fascists at the end of the day if we get right down to it. They aren’t patriots! By the time they make a decision to use the powers they have, we’ll be Russia already and millions of people of color will be slaughtered.

Whiteness is always late to the party at our expense.

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